Why you should choose us       

  1. We researched about our target customer so that we understand your needs, your tastes, and special is “Western’s culture”.
  2. We focus on customer satisfaction and building the positive brand face.
  3. We have completed and rich database spread across HCMC central districts. Our database is up-to-date with real images and property availability. 
  4. Our website is a type of modern responsive website (good looking on different screen sizes (desktop, mobile, tablet)) with implemented best practices in user interface/user experience. You can chat online with us on the website to get back answer quickly.
  5. Our agents are professional English speaking estate agents with years experience.
  6. Our office is located on the edge of the District 1 center so that customers can visit and use our service quickly.
  7. We do 24/7 customer service. You are in different time-zone is not a big deal with us. Our gentle comely staff has great enthusiasm and very eager to learn.

      3 STEPS to find a right place           

Please notice that we’ve already updated availability by NOW (available) , FULL (not available), SOON (will available within 1 month). But you can contact our hotline one more time to make sure. And please determine your requirements clearly before move to 2nd step.

Please note that sometime we will need time to check with the owner about availibity or confirm the time for checking property. So be patient with us and do not getting angry. You will look older if angry with your agent.


Vietnam International Services (VIS) is an independent real estate agency specialized on renting apartments, villas, condos and other property in Sai gon (ho chi minh city). We focus on expats only. We understand the difficulty foreigners face when choosing the most suitable place for you accommodations. VIS is the company you can rely on, we do our best to service you better. Honesty is our priority. “We are giving solutions not promises”. Once again – If you are looking for an accommodation or an investment property in Vietnam, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Vis Estate offer variety types of apartment that are available for rent. We are one of the trusted real estate agencies in HCMC. From 1 bedroom up to 2 bedrooms apartment or studio apartment to condos apartment, you name it we can offer it to you. Apart from renting apartments, we also provide visa services for those who need help.

Please send us your question by comment on fb below.