Basic Vietnamese Language You Need To Learn

Hi there, today tips will enable you (expats/foreigners) to speak just few basic Vietnamese in just 1 day if you follow the step. But before we started, how good is your Vietnamese language so far? In case you learn it from your friends or apps or google translate.

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  • If you a coffee/tea lover, then whenever you go out and wanted to order a coffee with or without milk. But I can bet that a lot of you (expats) know this by now. By just saying:

    1. Café Su Da = Ice Milk Coffee

    2. Café Nong = Hot Coffee

    3. Cha Da = Iced Tea

  • Whenever you at a restaurant, and would like a receipt or bill to pay your food, just by saying

    1. Ting Thing = Receipt / bill

    2. Bao Nhieu = How Much

  • Learning numbers is very important whenever buying things because; majority Vietnamese does not speak any English so it would be easy for them to cheat your money.

    1. Khong = 0

    2. Mot = 1

    3. Hai = 2

    4. Ba = 3

    5. Bon = 4

    6. Nam = 5

    7. Sau = 6

    8. Bay = 7

    9. Tam = 8

    10. Chin = 9

    11. Muoi = 10

    12. Muoi Mot = 11

    13. Muoi Hai = 12

    14. etc

  • Besides that, if you know certain food names that you like and it will be good if you could remember the names and whenever you would like to eat, its best if you able to pronounce it.

  • Basic “Thank you” or “Hello” whenever appropriate to say. This shows you a nice person and wish to be treated the same way as you treat others.

    1. Cam On = Thank You

    2. Xin Chao = Hello


With this simple trick, you can speak few basic Vietnamese in a short time and from this you will be motivated to learn more and more. Have a nice day ahead!

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