Why is the electricity’price in apartments for rent more expensive than this in normal apartments?

Many expats living in apartments for rent in Viet Nam often wonder that why does the electricity’price in the apartments they rent is higher than this in normal residential houses? Did their homeowners cheat on them?
It is understandable because many expats don’t know that there are more than one kinds of electricity’s price we use to figure out electricity’s fee.
The answer to the question which kinds of electricity’s price we use to calculate  the electricity’s fee depends on the purpose of using electricity. Firsts, there are many kinds of electricity’s price related to many different purposes, such as producing electricity’s price, business electricity’s price and living electricity’s price. Besides, the living electricity’s price is applied to figure out electricity’s fee in the apartments for rent. According to the latest policy of  Viet Nam Ministry of Industry And Trade, the living electricity’s price is counted by the price list below:
Electricity's bill.

Electricity’s bill.

The living electricity’s price:
– 0 kWh – 50 kWh: 1.484 Dong
– 51 kWh – 100 kWh: 1.533 Dong
– 101 kWh – 200 kWh: 1.786 Dong
– 201 kWh – 300 kWh: 2.242 Dong
– 301 kWh – 400 kWh: 2.503 Dong
– Above 401 kWh: 2.587 Dong




A galvanometer.

Because there are many apartments in owner’s house and the owner often rent these to other people, the total quantity of electricity used in a month of the house will be much higher than that of other houses that don’t have apartments for rent. According to government’s regulation, a house has only a galvanometer measuring the total quantity of electricity used in a month.
Overall, this thing means that almost houses that have apartments for rent, there is only one electricity’s price applied to all apartments and it is often the highest price. So that homeowners require renters to pay about 2.500 Dong to 3000 Dong per kWh is complete to pay the monthly electricity’s bill, not an extra fee. From now on, you can trust your homeowner. Therefore, they absolutely don’t treat you.
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