How to exchange a Foreign Driving Licence for a Viet Nam one.

The procedure for converting a foreign driving licence in Vietnam is easier than it is to apply for a new licence. There is no need to take either a written or a driving test.

Viet Nam driver’s Licence.

The Department of Transportation is in charge of granting Vietnamese driving licences to foreigners who have valid driving licences from their home countries. They are also in charge of replacing lost driving licences and issuing licence renewals. To qualify for a Vietnamese temporary driving licence, a foreigner must be at least 18 years old and have a visa or residence permit with no less than three, or in some provinces, no less than six month’s validity. Additionally, applicants will need to present their current valid driving licence or a valid International Driving Permit.
In order to do this procedure, you need to go to the Office of Transportation in Viet Nam first and then submit the following items:
– Completed application, officially certified and notarized by the foreigner’s embassy, consulate, or other recognised and authorised certifying authority
– Two or more officially certified and notarized copies of the original driving licence

Form sample.

– Two or more officially certified and notarized copies of the original driving licence that has been translated by an officially authorised Vietnamese translation service into Vietnamese
– Two or more officially certified and notarized copies of the applicant’s passport
– In some locations, or under certain circumstances, an officially authorised translation and legalisation of the applicant’s passport into the Vietnamese language may be requested and must be done by a translation service approved by Vietnamese authorities
– At least three colour passport photos. Check to verify the size and number of photos the local Department of Transportation office requires as this can vary significantly depending on the location.
– The applicant’s original passport and driving licence must be shown for verification when the documents are submitted
– The changing license fee.
The temporary driving licence is valid for use anywhere in the country of Vietnam.
If you have any questions or need help, please let us know. We will help you. Thank you.

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