Are you expats ever feel frustrated with landlords or agent?

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Does not matter where you are, around the world and you were renting others people property. Frustration would always followed. According to Nella Prod’homme (French) renting in Ha Noi, rent comes to $700 a month and includes internet, water and cleaner who comes around once a week. As I live with a friend, I only pay $350 which a lot of Vietnamese people told me was still expensive for Ha Noi. After paying exorbitant Parisian prices, my Ha Noi apartment still seemed pretty affordable. The only downside to the new place is the plague of cockroaches that enters through my lovely big windows!
According to Triwik Kurniasari from Indonesian, Ha Noi. The landlord, a middle-aged woman, asked me for a five-month deposit, on top three months worth of rent in advance. She said that the money was meant to assure that nothing went wrong during my stay and that she would return the entire sum to me when I moved out. Needless to say I refused to give her money. A friend of mine told me that he had an awefull experience trying to get his money back from his landlord – an experience I wanted to avoid at all costs. After 30 minutes of negotiation, I finally agreed to her demand for a three-month deposit – I was really tired of searching for a place to stay and her house was the best place I could find.
My story was a little bit different. Searching and google apartment for rent in Ho chi minh city and call the agent and they said the apartment no longer available and same goes to another 2 – 3 apartment that I am looking at. I was wondering why those apartment that I am interested in was no longer available, was it because I too late or they took others real estate agent photo and post it there as their own and try to persuade the tenants to have a look at their apartment. I tell you, this was true. So guys be careful on looking for your apartment and googled about their company before try to contact them or ask for your local friend for help.
Not only that, theres alot more poeple with about similar problem while renting in Vietnam. What is your story? Let us know.






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