Studio VS Apartment VS Condominium

It is a headache when trying to find a place to rent in HCMC. Ive been there, done that and done my research. We all know that there’s alot of scam people who tried to trick you and cheat your money nor lied to you. However, theres plenty of trustworthy website for real estate agent in Vietnam. Offering affordable apartment or studio or condo, depending on what you looking for. Some of you may just ask a questions through social media such as in Facebook for a group of expats living and working in Vietnam. Also you might just google for whatever you wanted to know.

As we all know by now (or for those who have not), District 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 are the most famous to live in among expats in Ho Chi Minh City. Their reason variety such as want to be near to work place, want to closed to children international schools, wanted to find place within budget, wanted to lived close to expats area, and etc.

Here in Vis Estate, we can find the perfect place for you within your reach nor whatever your requirement is and if we unable to provide it to you, do not panic as we can refer you to another trusted agency in Vietnam.

In Studio serviced apartment, I would say in District 2 and 4 are slightly expensive compare to District 1 and 3. While, in District 7 in between D2 and D3. However, if the demands is high in that area then the price would be expensive. For Studio, not much available for rent at the moment but quite few will be available anytime soon.

Meanwhile for Serviced Apartment, based on our data District 1 holds the most rank from range of USD300 to USD1700 a month. Vis Estate offers 1 bed to 3 bed with 1 bathroom or 2 bathroom. Secondly would be in District 3 and 4 from range of USD450 to USD1500. So far, very the least available apartment for rent is in District 7 and few available in District 2 with price range of USD400 to USD800 and USD3500 to USD1000 alternately. Other District area are also available although does not being mentioned.




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