What Do You Think Actually Know About Vietnamese?

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As we all know or the obvious thing about Vietnam would be crossing the road. We all thought there will be traffic light in every corner for pedestrian. But the truth always hurt, nope there is no traffic light in every corner for pedestrian to use. If you aren’t scared, then just walk slowly or a little faster to cross the road because bikers will try to avoid you or they will horn their beep beep. Motorbike in Vietnam is massive, you would understand if you already in Vietnam but we will get used to it from time to time.

Do you think Vietnamese people nowadays (old or young) are conservative still (in general ways)? I think majority still conservative, only small portion of Vietnamese that changed through the era. Is this normal? Depends on your own definition of “conservative” and your own thought. Based on my experiences, Vietnamese people would not try new things or do different things. However, theres few that I knew were not conservative as I thought they would be. Willing to try and take the risk while others are not. Vietnamese that are open minded, are more likely to learn more (or expand territory) and if they be friends with expats, they can improve their english speaking very easily.

Also, what does Vietnamese learn in School? Read this interesting article from CityPassGuide about “What Vietnamese Children Learn In School”. I will put the link below so you can read it further. From what I read, I understand that they learn all the basic subjects such as Mathematics, Literature, English, History, Arts, Music, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, and Sports during their secondary school term. Seems learning English is important since 1986, but year before 1986 English were not that established nor many people learn English until 1986. There were paper published regarding “The Current Situation and Issues of The Teaching of English In Vietnam” by HOANG Van Van.








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