Tips for buying or renting a Bike in VIETNAM!


  1. Check your bike. Test the your turn signals and lights and take a quick test drive around the block. Finding out that your front brakes are a bit dodgy a mile down the road isn’t ideal so check it out first.When parking in a public lot, don’t lose that ticket. If you lose it, you will need to verify the ownership of the bike, which means contacting the place you rented the bike. Which brings me to number 3.

  2. Get the rental agency’s contact details. This could be a lifesaver if your bike breaks down.

  3. Make sure your helmet is in good order. If you feel it’s a bit dodgy, request a new one. If they refuse, head down to the next shop.

  4. Anticipate your surroundings. Vietnamese drivers don’t really use their wing mirrors so watch out for the traffic ahead of you. Also, slow down through intersections as stopping at a red is more like a guideline as opposed to a rule.

Local insight: While manual shift bikes go for VND100,000/day (~$5/day), automatics will run you a bit more at around VND120,000/day (~$6/day).

Tips above were taken from CityPassGuide (

However, most people (expats) in Vietnam that does not have any motorcycle license or does not renewed their license would highly buy motorbike through social media. People selling bike on social media everyday or every week in price range of VND4,000,000 and above. I think its much more convenient and we no need to go to bike shop to have a look or try it on. Nevertheless, theres also disadvantage buying through social media because we cant really trust the seller that the bike are really in good condition. In my opinion, it would be best to have Vietnamese friend that willing to help you to check the bike at services shop so we can know the actual quality of the bike.

I think most people would buy bike rather than renting it. Because when you rent it, the amount you paid almost similar when using Uber or Grab. Would not it be more easier buying than rent. Or buying or renting = Car or Bike? Which is your preference? Let us know.




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