Do You Trust Your Real Estate Agent?

I know lately quite a lot people complaining about their real estate agent in most of the expats group in Facebook but some quite happy as well. So, not all is bad though. Last week I did this survey about Vietnam Real Estate agent and the purpose of this to find out where the majority expats lived in (which District), also the price of their rent for a month, and are they happy with their agent/home. So far, I only manage to get 1% respondents probably (limited to HCMC) only.

To conclude my research, only half of the respondents happy with their place nor with agent while the other half was not happy such as they feels as their agent could not be trusted, landlord would not be responsible for any damages, run away with their deposit, and more. I believed that it is crucial to find agent or landlord that you can trust and able to help you whenever you needed. We in Vis Estate received so much excellent reviews and every tenants are happy with our services. This is important to Vis Estate because we would like to make our tenants happy living in our property.

Its does not matter where you search for your future home (rent or sale), the important thing is to search for agent you going to sign contract from and also to read their reviews from another tenants. Sometimes, agent nor landlord can be tricky which everyone need to be careful for. If you (expats) planned to stay in Vietnam for a longer period such as more than 5 years, would you buy a property or rent a property? Or you (expats) planned to stay here permanently.


Any comment please let us know. We would loved to hear it from you.


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