Uber or Grab? What Your Experience

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How many of you (expats) in Vietnam been using Uber or Grab daily or some other time? How was your experience using any of these apps? My experience at first was nice and I thought it was much better use Uber than buying a motorbike for my own. With these, I wont need to think where to park my bike or how much to spend on parking. I downloaded both apps and compare both prices and Uber cheaper by 2K/4K dong compare to Grab. I think I only used Grab once but they over charge me 10K which is unfair because I was expecting to get 80K dong balance but the driver only gave me 70K dong.
However, lately I realized that buying my own bike way cheaper than using Uber all the time especially for work. While using Uber, one of the disadvantage is that they would call you to confirmed the request and most of them do not speak any English and this is really irritating for me as I cant speak their language either. So most of the time, I would only able to say “Co, co Uber” means “Yes, yes Uber”. And one other thing is that, I experience it once, my Uber cancel my request just because I cant speak Vietnamese. How ridiculous is that?
Secondly, the time waiting for Uber to arrived. Sometimes it changes from 4 minutes to 7 minutes and this is frustrating that it makes us wait longer than it should be. But sometimes, it took less to wait.
Last but not least, I think one of the Uber hack the apps. How do I know? I used the same direction to go to work return every week and I know how much it cost me. So, once I arrived at work, he showed me the total fee is 7K dong more than usual. I can feel there’s something wrong but I didnt try to argue to I pay him the amount that showed on his phone. But, as I looked into my phone and my email (Uber report), the maps showed that he used longer route and more like a crazy route. But in reality, its the same route I took everyday.

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Number 1 rule, have your own transportation.
Have you ever encounter VinasunTaxi that doesnt know where your going (exact location) and they drive you the wrong direction and asking you to pay (some might not) and asking you to look for another taxi driver? Yup, I did and its terrible. They cant speak english, we (expat) cant speak Vietnamese. I mean, how is that possible they doesnt know. They got the map gadgets right in front of them and dont even bother to use it? Or it cant be used? Its only to track their location and connect to the main server. Tell me expats, not only me that having this kind of problem.

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