Vietnamese VS English Languages


Native language vs Common language

What is native language or common language? I bet all of you know it just by reading it without using any translation apps or dictionary. However for those who not understand english very well, native language is the language you speak at home or language you grew up with. While common language is language that the whole world can speak which is English language and Chinese comes second.

When English is not your first / native language, there is no difficulties to learn another language at a very young age since you were born. For example, native chinese parents but speak english most of the time, therefore the kids able to learn both chinese and english (if parents speak both). However, if start to learn another language at later age such as 25 years old and above, I bet there will be difficulties to learn unless that person is super smart and have (photogenic memory vs photographic memory). But if I keep learning and keep practicing, there is nothing I cant learn. Now, as living and working in Vietnam I need to learn it.

Do you think Vietnamese people do mind translation from Vietnamese to English? If you think so, let me know.

Nevertheless, some people tends to translate words in their mind before they speak. Direct Translation what expert might called it. For example, translate chinese words to english words or malay words to english words using mind translator.

You how are? (????) = How are you?

You eat have yet? (?????) = Have you eat yet?

As you can see above is mind translator chinese to english. And for those who just started to learn English or not good in English would say “broken english”. While some malay would do the same mistake because they know little english. Such as below:

What name you? (Apa nama kamu?) = What your name?

Name I Selena. (Nama saya Selena.) = My name is Selena

I believed this is the most common mistake people would do, unless you know others please comment down below.





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