Everyone certainly has a time in life to sign many different legal documents or contracts in various fields: economic contracts, labor contracts, real estate sales contract, commitment, and land leasing …

And when you come to Vietnam to work, finding an accommodation is the most important thing you concerned rather than places to eat or to entertain.

And I, as a Vietnamese housing agent for foreigners, would love to give you some advice on what you should consider before signing a legal document – a place to stay or open a company in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • This agreement is a legal document and also called the leasing contract having legal validity under the law of Vietnam.
  • In the agreement, it will be referred to the powers and responsibilities of the landlord or tenant, and also mentioned the monthly rent, type of payment and terms of payment.
  • Remember reading the contract carefully before signing it, and make sure that you understand and agree to the terms you are going to sign. If you do not understand, ask the owners or the agency. Or ask someone you trust and let them help you.
  • Normally, before signing the leasing contract, you and the owners had discussed and agreed on the terms, whether it is a long-term or short-term contract depends on the wishes of stakeholders, but usually it is 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.
  • You do not need to pay fees for drafting of the lease.
  • Before signing the lease, the agency must give you the information about the apartment to make sure you are aware of it clearly. When you understand the powers and responsibilities, you are ready to sign the agreement with the owner or agency. Remember that your owner or agency must give you a copy of the lease signed.
  • The owner or agency will give you a report on the belongings in the apartment. Do not rush to fill out this report. Remember to check all areas in the apartment carefully. Please list all the damage, stains and dirt, or anything that can not be used in the report, you should list as many details as possible, even you can also take a picture or record a video of the apartment before moving in. After you have completed your report, you must sign it and give 1 copy to the landlord within 7 days. Each party keeps one copy, if you find any damage of belongings such as ovens, furniture…,you can ask the owner to repair them. If the owner tells you everything is still perfect to use, but when you move in, they are not in a good condition, you can also ask the owner for fixing.
  • When you move out, the owner will check the apartment to see if there is any damage. The checklists will be the evidence for you if there is the controversy over who should pay compensation for damage when you move out. The organization that represents your country in Vietnam, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can help if you have any tenancy troubles, or you can call the rental guiding service.
  • So before you sign a contract you need to know the price, terms of payment, deposit … If there is something you do not understand, just ask the owner or the agency. Or ask someone you trust and let them help you.

Wish you find the desired apartment ^ _ ^


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